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Somatic Experiencing®

"When it comes to trauma, the perception of the instinctive part

of our nervous system is much more important than what our mind says "

Peter A. Levine

Somatic Experiencing (SE) ® was developed by the psychotherapist, trauma researcher and biologist Dr. Peter A. Levine. 

SE® is based on the concept of trauma as a complex psycho-physiological reaction to an event. The hallmarks of trauma are processes that take place on the level of the body., i.e. the nervous system. An event is traumatic when the human nervous system cannot recover from it and return to a state of equilibrium.  

Every threatening situation can potentially become a trauma. Traumatic experiences can be: Accidents, falls, surgeries, illnesses, injuries, (sexualized) violence and  the witnessing of violence, (emotional) abuse, neglect, loss, and any form of violation, as well as seemingly ordinary events, such as medical treatments. 

Somatic Experiencing (SE) is used to resolve traumatic stress. The body disposes of an emergency program that automatically kicks in in a threatening situation. It mobilizes a large amount of energy for the biological survival reactions of fight, flight, freeze, or collapse. If the survival energy is not completely discharged again (e.g. through a successful escape), it is trapped in the nervous system.  The organism remains in a state of alert which causes symptoms originating from that energy which is traumatic stress.


The aim is to (re) establish the body's natural self-regulation. Through careful and gradual discharge of the energy, the system can gradually regulate itself again. This can lead to an increased sense of safety  in one's own body, increased agency and greater aliveness.

SE® is suitable for overcoming shock trauma and for transforming early attachment and developmental trauma. In order to work with SE®, it is not necessary to go into the details of traumatic experiences. Instead, it is possible to work with the body memory and autonomic nervous system directly with the gentle guidance of the therapist.  

Depending on a person's individual history and situation, it can be appropriate to focus exclusively on Integrative Body Psychotherapy (or its underlying approaches) or to combine it with other psycho/ therapeutic approaches. I am happy to work in cooperation with your therapist based on a release from the confidentiality agreement. 

An initial appointment costs € 80 . Costs for further appointments upon request.  

Certain alternative health practitioners' supplementary insurances cover part of the costs (for HP Psych). Please inquire with your health insurance company.

You can find more information about Somatic Experiencing at

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