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Dance/Movement Therapy

"Movement is our first language. Dance is the poetry of this language".

Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen.


Dance/movement therapy is the starting point of my clinical training. It is part of both the arts therapies as well as the field of  body psychotherapy and based on the principle of the unity and interaction of physical, emotional, psychological, cognitive and social processes. 


As a discipline, it taps into variety of approaches from dance, movement analysis, and classical psychotherapies.  In my practice, the neurobiological perspective and the principles of Somatic Experiencing® are also applicable.


Dance/movement therapy is suitable for dancers and non-dancers with an exploratory spirit who are looking for a safe setting and therapeutic support in an individual, movement-based process. The process supports the benevolent and empathic treatment of the body, its constitution and its expression. By consciously immersing oneself in this basic world of experience and expression, deep and early layers of development become accessible.  


As a personal, guided research process, this work is playful and experimental with a focus on the sensory experienceThe process of perceiving, accepting and exploring one's movement impulses opens up a field of implicit knowledge. There are different ways of proceeding within this field, depending on the indication and agreement.

On request, artistic processes / projects can also be accompanied in the dance therapy framework.  You can work towards a result, starting from a result, or without result orientation.

Depending on a person's individual history and situation, it can be appropriate to focus exclusively on Integrative Body Psychotherapy (or its underlying approaches) or to combine it with other psycho/ therapeutic approaches. I am happy to work in cooperation with your therapist based on a release from the confidentiality agreement. 

An initial appointment costs € 80 . Costs for further appointments upon request.  

Certain alternative health practitioners' supplementary insurances cover part of the costs (for HP Psych). Please inquire with your health insurance company.

Dance/movement therapy group

Currently I do not have a dance/movement therapy group available !


"When I expressed all of my sides in dance,

I learned to accept them, I experienced the evil,

the dark inside me as a living part of myself ".

Trudi Schoop

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