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Birgitt Bodingbauer
Somatic Experiencing (SE) ® 
Body Psychotherapy, Dance and Movement Therapy (M.A.)
HP Psych


I am a body psychotherapist specializing in trauma. I have always been fascinated by the finely tuned human system of mind and body. 20 years ago, I started out as dancer/choreographer and cultural scientist and moved on to become a dance and body psychotherapist in clinical practice. I have been implementing  SE for several years now.   

In my clinical work in the department for psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy at Ernst von Bergmann Clinic in Potsdam and the Helios Clinic Emil von Behring, I have been deepening my focus on working with trauma. I am currently working for the Oberberg Clinic on Kurfürstendamm. I have been working in private practice since January 2020 and cooperate on an outpatient basis with (psychological) psychotherapists and doctors. Regular supervisions and interventions are an integral  part of my professional work.

I understand the autonomic nervous system as the interface between body and mind and (co)regulation as the deepest form of connection. As a therapist I would like to create a space of presence in which contact with the living, feeling and knowing body can grow, where lost connections can reappear and healthy boundaries can be reestablished.

Educational Background (selected)
  • Essential strategies in working with sexual abuse (SE®) with Arielle Giaretto (2024)

  • NARM (2023)

  • Somatic Experiencing SE® 

  • Transgenerational Trauma: The Ancestors and Their Energy Fields with Peter Levine (2021)

  • Process planning in the work with SE® with Sylvia Meggesy (2021)

  • A Year of Polyvagal with Deb Dana (2021)

  • Alternative practitioner for psychotherapy (2017)

  • Stress management | Autogenic training | Progressive muscle relaxation (2017)

  • Dance and movement therapist, MA (2016)

  • Cert. Program "Moving Cycle I & II" (body-oriented and movement based psychotherapy) with Christine Caldwell (2016)

  • Cultural Studies, BA (2014)

  • Contemporary stage dance | Choreography | Dance lessons (cert. 2007)

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